“If any sinologists object to anything in this translation, let him go absorb his Yang in his own Yin, as the Americans say; and give me credit for an original masterpiece. Whatever Lao Tze said or meant, this what I say and mean.”

Aleister Crowley, introduction to his commentary on the Tao Teh King

This is the blog of Savereo John and is used to, irregularly, post writings on a variety of subjects, but mainly philosophy, science, religion, technology and politics.

Articles on Military History are hosted at Savereo John History

Music Links and resources are at Lady Bastet Music

Selected articles

Osuwo, Osuwo, Osuwo

Synchronicity, Jung, Crowley, African language and religion

Say God Particle One More Goddam Time !

Cern, Higgs-Boson, God Particles and Philosophy of Science

Der Prozeß

Should the Pope be Arrested ?

The SNP – Time They Learned The ‘M’ Word

Indian history, nationalism in Britain, British ethnic identity and Multiculturalism

Facebook – The Rise Of The Social Machine

Written at the time of the Facebook IPO – history of internet social networking, analysis of Facebook user demographics, analysis of the IPO and comparison to Google, blue sky section on future techno-commercial possibilities for the company post IPO

All in the Family

Written at the time of Rupert Murdoch’s appearance before the Select Committee – covers phone hacking, News International and Rupert Murdoch

“That was for Gerald”

A few choice words on the occaision of the closure of the News of the World

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars

Africa, meteor showers, space, astronomy, comets, science fiction, space travel, the energy crisis

Me O Rin

Supernovae, Alien Life, Deep Space and Astronomy

Cyber War for Crash Test Dummies

Written at the time of the attacks by Annonynous after Wikileaks – cyber warfare and the future of the net

Can I see the real government secrets ?

Written on the day that Julian Assange and Shrien Derwani appeared before the same magistrate in London for their extradition hearings

This is the voice of …..

Written at the time of the first Wikileaks revalations

Kerpow !

Philosophy, God, Science, Hawking, Wittgenstein

Mostly Harmless

Wikipedia, Climategate and Science

Jah Bless Africa

Written on the night of the first World Cup final in Africa

My Linux Don’t Cost a Thing

Written for, and rejected by, a technology magazine so I started this blog and published it here instead

Copyright ©2012 Savereo John

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