Book Quotes – JG Ballard

“During the next month my infatuation with Serena had all the intensity of which a middle-aged man is capable. I abandoned my office, leaving the staff to cope for themselves, and spent all my time with Serena, tending her like the most dutiful lover . At huge expense I had a complex air-conditioning system installed in my house, of a type only employed in museums. In the past I had moved Serena from warm room to cool without a thought to her complexion, assuming it to be made of some insensitive plastic, but I now carefully regulated the temperature and humidity, determined to preserve her forever. I re-arranged the furniture throughout the house to avoid bruising her arms and shoulders as I carried her from floor to floor. In the mornings I would wake eagerly to find her at the foot of my bed, then seat her by me at the breakfast table. All day she stayed within my reach, smiling at me with an expression that almost convinced me she responded to my feelings.”


From The Smile by JG Ballard (1983)

Sci-Fi Quotes – JG Ballard

“He built the first of the shrines in Rachel Vaisey’s bidet, an ugly assemblage of hypodermic syringes, fractured sunglasses and blood-stained tampons. Other shrines appeared in corridor alcoves and unoccupied beds, relics of a yet-to-be experienced future left here as some kind of psychic deposit against his treatment’s probable failure. After an outraged Dr Vaisey insisted on a thorough inspection Slade discharged himself from the clinic and made a new home in the sky.”


From News From The Sun by JG Ballard (1982)

Sci Fi Quotes – JG Ballard

“The forest that covered the sand-bar began to thin out, giving way to the beach houses and motels of Cocoa Beach. A derelict hotel sat among the trees , its gates collapsed across the drive. Spanish moss hanging from a sign that advertised a zoo and a theme park devoted to the space age.  Through the waist-high palmettos the chromium and neon rockets rose from their stands like figures on amusement park carousels.”


From Memories of the Space Age by JG Ballard

Interzone Magazine, Issue 2, (1982)

Book Quotes – JG Ballard

“His muteness, naturally, was part of attraction he felt for Madame Giaconda. Both of them in a sense had lost their voices, he to a cruel mother, she to a fickle and unfaithful public.  This bound them together, gave them a shared sense of life’s injustice, though Mangon, like all innocents, viewed his misfortune without rancour…”


From The Sound-Sweep by J G Ballard (1963)

Book Quotes – JG Ballard

“The geometry of her face. In the perspective of the plaza , the junctions of the underpass and embankment, Talbot at last recognised a modulus that could be multiplied into the landscape of his consciousness. The descending triangle of the plaza was repeated in the facial geometry of the young woman. The diagram of her bones formed a key to his own postures and musculature, and to the scenario that had preoccupied him at the Institute . He began to prepare for departure . The pilot and the young woman now deferred to him. The fans of the helicopter turned into the dark air, casting elongated ciphers in the dying concrete.”

From The Atrocity Exhibition by JG Ballard (1970)