Book Quotes – Friedrich Nietzsche

“All in all I could not have endured my youth without Wagnerian music. For I was condemned to Germans. If one wants to get free from an unendurable pressure one needs hashish. Very well, I needed Wagner. Wagner is the counter-poison to everything German par-excellence – still poison, I do not dispute it … From the moment there as a piano score of Tristan – my compliments Herr Von Bulow ! – I was a Wagnerian. The earliest works of Wagner I saw as beneath me – still too common, too ‘German’ … But I still today seek a work of dangerous fascination, of a sweet and shuddery infinity equal to Tristan – I seek in all the arts in vain.”


From Ecce Homo by Friedrich Nietzsche (written in 1888, published 1908)
(15th October – 169th anniversary of Nietzsche’s birth)


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