Book Quotes – Aleister Crowley

“… a wealthy Daimio, with a taste for observation, took it into his head to enquire of Kwaw for what purpose he had entered the country in such strange circumstances. It will simplify matters if I reproduce, in extenso, the correspondence, which was carried on by telegraph …

‘Who is your honourable self, and why has your Excellency paid us cattle the distinguished compliment of a visit ?’

‘This disgusting worm is Great Tao. I humbly beg of your sublime radiance to trample his slave.’

‘Regret great toe unintelligible’

‘Great Tao – T. A. O. – Tao’

‘What is the Great Tao ?’

‘The result of subtracting the universe from itself.’

‘Good, but this decaying dog cannot grant your Excellency’s sublime desire, but on the contrary would earnest pray your brilliant serenity to spit upon his grovelling jojo ‘

‘Profound thought assures your beetle-headed supplicant that your glorious nobility must meet him before the controversy can be decided.’

‘True. Would your sublimity care to defile himself by entering this muck sweeper’s hovel ?’

‘Expect leprous dragon with beriberi at your high – mightiness’s magnificent heavenly palace tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon at three sharp.’

Thus met Kwaw, the poet philosopher of China; and Juju, the godfather of his country”

From T’ien Tao by Aleister Crowley (1907)


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