Book Quotes – JG Ballard

“The geometry of her face. In the perspective of the plaza , the junctions of the underpass and embankment, Talbot at last recognised a modulus that could be multiplied into the landscape of his consciousness. The descending triangle of the plaza was repeated in the facial geometry of the young woman. The diagram of her bones formed a key to his own postures and musculature, and to the scenario that had preoccupied him at the Institute . He began to prepare for departure . The pilot and the young woman now deferred to him. The fans of the helicopter turned into the dark air, casting elongated ciphers in the dying concrete.”

From The Atrocity Exhibition by JG Ballard (1970)

Book Quotes – Niall Fergusson

“[In 1914 at the outbreak of the first world war] … it also worried Sir John French, Nicholson’s successor as Chief of the Imperial General Staff that the Belgians might be prepared to disregard a limited infringement of their territory. The meeting concluded that

‘In order to bring the greatest possible pressure to bear upon Germany it is essential that the Netherlands and Belgium be entirely friendly to this country, in which case we should limit their overseas trade, or that they should be definitely hostile in which case we should extend the blockade to their ports.’

In other words – if the Germans had not violated Belgian neutrality in 1914, Britain would have. This puts the British Government’s much-vaunted moral superiority in fighting ‘for Belgian neutrality’ in another light.”

From The Pity of War by Niall Fergusson (1998)

Book Quotes – Aleister Crowley

“…The First House is so brilliant that you can’t think; and there, too, is my lover and I when we are one. You wouldn’t understand that either. And the last thing that I shall say is that one begins to see that there isn’t really quite a Wide-Wide-Wide-Wake-World till the Serpent outside has finished eating up his tale, and I don’t really and truly understand that myself. But it doesn’t matter; what you must all do first is find the Fairy Prince to come and ride away with you, so don’t bother about the Serpent yet. That’s all…”

From The Wake-World by Aleister Crowley (1907)

Book Quote – Yukio Mishima

“There was a creaking at the top of the stairs. “Yes ?” A boy in an undershirt looked down.

In surprise, Honda noted the blue flower hanging over his forehead. As he looked down, the flower fell and rolled to Honda’s feet. The boy was startled. He had forgotten the flower. It was brownish and worm-eaten and badly wilted.”

Keiko, still in her sombrero, surveyed the scene over Honda’s shoulder.”

From Decay of the Angel by Yukio Mishima (1971)  

Microsoft the New Apple ?

I mentioned in an earlier post that Android from Google had become the dominant system in the smartphone market, replacing Apple, just like Microsoft did in the desktop market in the 1990’s … these are the main systems by % of global sales on handsets. …













The one to watch is Microsoft. This might seem a strange to say about that company because although they dominated the desktop market since the 1990s they fared poorly in the two new emerging markets – first the internet and now smartphones and tablets. However that might be about to change for 2 reasons –


1. Microsoft have just bought Nokia and its range of classy Lumia handsets


2. A great feature of the early iPhone was that it integrated with other Apple kit. Clever and convenient, but who has a Apple computer ? they make up only 5% of the desktop market. For a windows phone however, its different story. Google have got 75% of the smartphone market, but Microsoft have 91% of the desktop market. A smart new phone that seamlessly integrates with a computer … or tablet … running windows.

They cant beat Google – Android sells because it cheap and simple, but they can easily overtake iOS.


And wouldn’t that be an irony – if Microsoft became the new Apple for smartphones 😉