Anyone got an Ark ?

This week we have a guest post from our correspondent in Brisbane

It actually comes from an old mate of mine who is caught up in the Biblical events unfolding in Queensland, and who has asked to remain anonymous. His graphic account follows

“A quick note to all those who have checked in to see if we’re OK, and anyone else who knows us (and frankly doesn’t care!).

Brisbane’s in serious shit right now. There was a big evacuation from the CBD (Central Business District) and the low lying areas close to the river. There are a lot of these, as the river follows a very sinuous path through the city. Also the power’s off in these areas to stop the grid shorting out, so that’s adding to the misery there. The peak was reckoned to be at around 4:00am, when the main flood waters from upstream arrived and met a king tide… just bloody perfect timing. It wasn’t quite as bad as the huge flood in 1974, but still was way above the ‘major’ flood level. Most of the riverside infrastructure such as ferry pontoons, private boats and floating restaurants are now heading out towards New Zealand… It’s going to take months if not years to rebuild everything after this mess.

The media are absolutely loving this… every TV station is showing wall to wall news coverage with reporters probably outnumbering the remaining population whom they are now busily interviewing when they’re not interviewing each other and/or every available local/state/federal politician/emergency worker in the southern hemisphere. To turn on the TV last night meant being bombarded with OH MY GOD WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!! on a pretty permanent basis on all free to air channels. Being totally shallow, I was watching highlights from yesterdays stage of the Dakar Rally!

For most of us who don’t live close to the rivers or creeks, all we have to worry about are potential shortages in food, water and fuel caused by some amazing panic buying yesterday (bless ’em all), and a rapid increase in mosquitos leading to Ross River Virus and Dengue fever. I heard on the news last night that at least one Bull Shark had been seen cruising along the flooded streets (they come up the river when bored, they’re big, fast, aggressive and thick, but lethal). That should give the snakes something to think about (the flood water’s apparently full of them and they’re described by the experts as “particularly grumpy at the moment”… nice!). Thankfully we should be too far south for crocs…

I don’t remember signing up for this! “


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