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Well I tried, I really did. Whilst the world’s press and the blogosphere went into a feeding frenzy over Julian Assange and Wikileaks I held my tongue, well my keyboard at any rate. With the erstwhile editor-in-chief of Wikileaks, who increasingly resembles the Mysterons in Captain Scarlet, announced that he intended to bring down a major bank (although not the one he keeps his money in, one assumes); I kept my own counsel.

Similarly, when the first non – revelations of the leaked embassy documents, those pertaining to private discussions with Arab leaders, informed us that they fear Iran even more than the West does and that they privately egged on the Americans to launch a military strike to remove Tehran’s ability to construct a nuclear weapon, I stayed silent.

True, this might have come as a surprise to a Middle East citizen, used to the tame state-controlled media of that region that loves, together with the anti-establishment left here in the West, to propagate the myth that all the Middle East’s problems are caused the rampaging giant of American imperialism stamping all over the region in its insatiable quest for world domination. But for anyone who actually reads the free press here, it was plain from the beginning that September 11th was caused by the fractious, backstabbing internal politics of the Middle East rather than the foreign policy of the USA – Saudi Arabia’s refusal for decades to admit that it had a terrorism problem did far more to foster the growth of Al Qaeda than anything the USA did. Similarly, the prospect that Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear bomb is terrifying to Riyadh and Amman since Iran plainly cannot control all parts of its own state, such as the Revolutionary Guard, and that a Middle East nuclear arms race would be the inevitable result, is a surprise to nobody other than the terminally naive.

Similarly, I was underwhelmed to learn that the USA spies on the UN – I would have been more surprised to be told that there is single member of the Security Council that doesn’t spy on the UN and the other members. But no matter, anyone who follows the news closely enough would have known that; just as they would have known that China is so terminally brassed off with North Korea that its actually prepared to countenance a unified, pro- Western, Korea on its borders. Quite a turnaround, considering that China entered the Korean War precisely to prevent that from happening – but still not that much of a surprise really.

Yes, I kept my own counsel throughout the faintly nauseating sight on TV of the massed ranks of the British Champagne Socialist Fraternity lining up to stand surety for Assange at City of Westminster Magistrates Court. Included in their number was John Pilger, who famously lionised George Galloway after he had insulted an array of American Senators on world TV; alas that Galloway hadn’t been so brave in front of Saddam Hussein, or indeed that Assange hadn’t released a batch of Russian State secrets.

So my dignified silence continued unbroken, despite my fear that if Assange doesn’t acquire a sense of proportion, or at the very least a conscience from somewhere, that by dumping all the USA’s private diplomatic correspondence on the web he is going to end up triggering a war between two countries. And so I kept quiet

That is until this morning when I learned that the Websites of the Swedish Prosecuting Authority and the lawyers representing the two women he is accused of raping had been brought down by the “Anonymous” hacker group, acting against Assange’s accusers. And so I must therefore put my hands up and finally admit that Assange and his acolytes have finally put something genuinely new in front of me. This has to be the first time I have ever heard of a website attack mounted out of sympathy with the accused in a rape case. No wonder they want to remain Anonymous. It takes a lot to make one side with a government in this day and age, even a liberal and open one like Sweden, but Assange and his clueless cronies may just have done it.

It’s taken a long and hard struggle in western society to get rape allegations taken seriously, part of which is the recognition of the courage that it takes for the victims to come forward – we can’t allow this man and his supporters to use his celebrity status to overturn the due process.

So, to the Prosecutors and the women’s lawyers involved, let us all wish them Lycka Till !

Copyright ©2010 Savereo John


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